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Flocculating agent is more efficient in domestic sewage Time:2012-11-29 09:51

Polyacrylamide (PAM) as a kind of  high efficient inorganic polymer flocculants was widely applied
to water  treatment.It  also can be used as coagulant,sludge dehydrating  agents,coagulation and
sedimentation agent and so on.It is easy to dissovle in water,but difficult dissolve in organic matter.
It can adsorb the solid suspended  particle into flocculation,then achieve  the effect of separation
and clarification. This process  can improve the working performance and reduce operating costs.
Flocculating agent is used to improve the sedimentation,  clarification, filtration,  gas floating,
centrifugal separation process speed and efficiency. Flocculation process is suspension of many
separate grain to form aggregate (floccules or alum flowers) process.As a organic polymer,the
molecular weight of polyacrylamide is higher and have specific electric property (ionicity)and charge
density(ion degree).The development of flocculating agent make our water treatment more radical.