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What kind of wastewater treatment effect is the best by polyaluminum chloride? Time:2021-07-03 10:51

Polyaluminum chloride is one of the most commonly used and common water purification agents. As a water-soluble inorganic polymer, it can treat all kinds of wastewater and has a wide range of water areas. But polyaluminum chloride is not a panacea, in the treatment of what kind of wastewater, can play the best effect?


1. As the most familiar and largest sewage, domestic sewage mainly comes from people's daily washing water. The surface activity of sewage often combines with other impurities in water to form negatively charged colloidal particles. A large number of positively charged ions can be produced by adding an appropriate amount of polyaluminum chloride, which can react rapidly with colloidal particles with negative charges, and then the pollutants can be adsorbed and precipitated out of the water.


2. Papermaking wastewater is one of the largest discharges in industrial production, in which there are many toxic substances and high COD content, so it is difficult to treat. Under the suitable pH value, the appropriate amount of polyaluminum chloride can well remove the suspended solids in the wastewater, and the precipitates can also be returned to the papermaking raw materials, which has a very practical significance.


3. Printing and dyeing wastewater has high COD value, high chroma and pH value. When polyaluminum chloride is added, the treatment effect is difficult to achieve the ideal effect. In this case, other chemical additives are needed to cooperate with the use, which can not only save the cost, but also improve the water purification effect.


4. Because of the high oil content and particularity of oilfield wastewater, polyaluminum chloride and polyacrylamide are often used together to produce the best effect.