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Use of ferrous sulfate monohydrate

TIME:2023-07-21 17:33:29SOURCE:admin

Ferrous sulfate is a kind of soil acid-base regulator, which is rich in indispensable iron element for plant growth. It can promote the formation of plant chlorophyll and prevent yellow flower disease caused by iron deficiency. For acidophilic flowers and some flowering plants from the south, such as Rhododendron, gardenia, jasmine, camellia, Milan, etc., an appropriate amount of iron should be added once a month to make the plants flourish and avoid the occurrence of yellow leaves.


The correct use of ferrous sulfate in family flowers: 1. Put ferrous sulfate in 500ml mineral water bottles, cover each bottle with ferrous sulfate and add a bottle of water. It's better to use it sparsely than thickly. Irrigate the plants once a month. Don't use it too much. Otherwise, it will increase the salt content of the basin soil, and affect the absorption of water and nutrients by the plant root system for a long time. When ferrous sulfate and manure water are mixed in proportion and fully fermented, they can be made into alum fertilizer water, which is popular with all kinds of flowers, making the foliage plants flourish and colorful. Some alkaline soil plants are not suitable for ferrous sulfate irrigation, such as cactus, pomegranate, fig and so on.


Ferrous sulfate should be sealed in time after use, otherwise it is easy to be oxidized and cause deterioration, and the effect will be greatly reduced when watering plants after deterioration. Irrigation once a month or spraying twice a month can effectively prevent iron deficiency yellow leaves. Don't wait for plant leaves to turn yellow before applying ferrous sulfate. Prevention is better than treatment.

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Use of ferrous sulfate monohydrate

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