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How does polyacrylamide treat wastewater from ceramic factory? Time:2021-04-07 14:01

Polyacrylamide is used as precipitant in ceramic factory. According to the characteristics of ceramic wastewater, ceramic clay colloidal particles have negative charge and stable performance. We usually use inorganic flocculants (inorganic salts) or organic flocculants (polyacrylamide, polyaluminum chloride) to neutralize the negative charge of colloidal particles. Because the anionic polyacrylamide, polyaluminum chloride and some inorganic flocculants have positive charge, they can neutralize the negative charge of colloidal particles, destroy the stability of colloidal particles, make particles collide and contact with each other, form small alum flowers, and the smaller alum flowers collide and combine to form larger flocculent precipitation, so as to separate suspended solids and water in wastewater. The sediment is concentrated, filtered and dehydrated to realize the separation of mud and water. The separated water can be reused in production, which not only avoids environmental pollution, but also reduces the water consumption of enterprises and production costs to a certain extent.