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The application of Polyacrylamide in oil exploitation Time:2021-04-06 09:23

Polyacrylamide flocculant plays an important role in oil exploitation because of its thickening, flocculation and rheological properties. It is widely used in drilling, water plugging, acidizing water, fracturing, well washing, well completion, drag reduction, scale prevention and oil displacement. Generally speaking, the purpose of using polyacrylamide flocculant is to improve oil recovery rate (EOR). In particular, many oilfields have entered the secondary and tertiary production, and the reservoir depth is generally more than 1000m. Some oil reservoirs have a depth of 7000m. The heterogeneity of the formation and offshore oilfields have put forward more stringent conditions for oil production, and deep oil recovery and offshore oil recovery correspondingly also put forward new requirements for PAM, such as shear resistance, high temperature resistance (above 100 to 200 ), calcium ion and magnesium ion resistance, and seawater degradation resistance.

Polyacrylamide has several functions in oil exploitation

1. Used as water shutoff regulator

2. Used as drilling fluid regulator and fracturing fluid additive

3. Oil well cement admixture

4. Drilling fluid treatment agent

5. Completion fluid and workover fluid additives

6. Oilfield water treatment agent