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Pollution characteristics and treatment scheme of mine water Time:2021-04-01 10:12

 The pollution characteristics of mine water can be summarized as follows:


1. The main pollutant of mine water is SS, and the coal powder in SS is the main component of COD in mine water. Whether removing COD or SS in sewage, in the final analysis, it can effectively remove SS in water.


2. The content of SS in mine water is very unstable, not only the concentration of mine water in the same mining area is quite different, but also the drainage concentration in different periods of the same mine is quite different. For physicochemical treatment, it has a great influence on the stable cloud top of the treatment device,


3. SS in mine water has good suspension stability, and it is not easy to destabilize and settle.


4. The chroma of mine water is higher.


Coal mine water treatment process:


According to the analysis of water quality characteristics of coal mine water, coagulation sedimentation and filtration process is widely used at home and abroad. Coagulation sedimentation is the main treatment unit of coal mine water treatment. Coagulation sedimentation process not only has less dosage, good treatment effect, but also covers a small area. Aluminum salt or iron salt is usually used as coagulant in coagulation sedimentation process, and polyaluminum chloride is commonly used as coagulant in mine water at present. The sedimentation tank generally adopts horizontal flow sedimentation and inclined tube sedimentation, with low energy consumption and convenient operation. The common filtration equipment for mine water treatment usually includes fast filter and gravity valveless filter, and the filter usually adopts anthracite and quartz sand double-layer filter media.