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Why the price of poly aluminium chloride is variance Time:2012-11-26 10:26

There are many methods to manufacture poly aluminium chloride,so the price is different.
Sometimes,the price is differ by $80 to $300.That is because the raw material is different,
the production technique is also different,so the production is different.Higher purity,higher
quality.The color is more shallow,the price is more expensive.On the contrary,the darker
the color, the lower purity, and the price is cheaper.But, we cann't say that the cheaper
production cann't clean water better.That mainly depend upon what kind of water quality
corresponding what kind of products.There are two kinds of production technique:spray
drying poly aluminium chloride;roller drying PAC.The original material demand of spary
drying is harsh, in the system fluid process should consider whether can plate and frame,
if the original material water-insoluble is too high, can't  filter,  the cost increased too much.
While the drum drying relative to the low cost , choose the original material need not to
control harsh.So the price is mainly depend upon the raw material and the production