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Reduce the urban water pollution Time:2012-11-27 08:53

In recent years, with the domestic people's life quality is generally improved, food safety has
become People's  Daily life  attention important  topic, the toxic  milk powder, paper steamed
stuffed bun, trench oil... After that, if you want to, you drink water is also become invisible killer
, always threat to your health. According to statistics, at present more than 700 million people
 worldwide  can not drink clean water. And our country is one  of the worst - hit areas of water
pollution. In  recent years,  although the economy of  our country has got rapid  development,
but because of ignoring the  protection of the environment,  environmental pollution problems
are becoming serious.Only in terms of groundwater, city life sewage and garbage and industrial
 "three wastes" emissions, agricultural production and the use of pesticide and fertilizer and so
on, have caused a different degree from organic and inorganic toxic.  Poly aluminium chloride
 can be widely used to clean water,including drinking water,industry water,oil water and so on.
There are also many other water treatment agents,for example:polyacrylamide,poly aluminium
ferric chloride,ferric chloride,polymeric ferric sulfate,activated carbon.The clients can choose
fit products according to the different water.