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Lvyuan Brand Flocculant Time:2012-11-06 22:05

      Flocculant is a general term covering a lot of water purification agents, used in water purification and flocculants are commonly used products, flocculant in our production of major products, water purification using the flocculant has become a fashion, let us come to understand this stylish bar! Will produce a lot of waste water, pharmaceutical when these wastewater processing plants, crops, etc., it might erode, the last harm or human life, so we want to understand the flocculant, more accurate use.
      Application physico-chemical treatment methods include coagulation, flotation, adsorption, ammonia stripping, electrolysis, ion exchange and membrane separation. Coagulation treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater is a water treatment methods commonly used at home and abroad, it is widely used in pharmaceutical wastewater pretreatment and post-treatment process, such as aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate and polymeric ferric sulfate used in Chinese medicine wastewater. Efficient coagulation treatment lies in the proper selection and performance coagulant dosing.
     The pharmaceutical wastewater choice of flocculants, inorganic polymer flocculants than inorganic low molecular salts flocculant. In the inorganic polymer flocculant. Polymeric ferric sulfate compared with the PAC, higher COD removal efficiency of polymeric ferric sulfate, settling velocity faster; itself made color but poly aluminum sulfate, its color removal rate is better PAC PAC. PAC and polymeric ferric sulfate and organic polymer flocculant with the can improve flocculation effect. But should be dosing inorganic flocculants, organic polymer flocculant dosing.
     Total outstanding product for the first time be spread, so flocculant the pronoun it is fiery, ah, we filter the source is one of the manufacturers specializing in the production of flocculants, we have a state-of-the-art equipment, skilled workers, filtered source flocculant absolute is a good product.