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How to made up poly aluminium chloride Time:2012-11-24 10:15

Polyaluminium chloride is a wider used flocculant. There are two kinds of form: liquid poly aluminium
 chloride and PAC powder . The transportation of liquid products is inconvenient, and the quality is
not stable, storage period can't more than a year. The PAC powder is relatively stable, but easy to
tide, therefore it maybe a little trouble to use and storage. During clean the raw water, polyaluminium
 chloride is same as other flocculating agent,  add too much the treatment effect is bad, add too little
 also not line, the best operation range is narrow, so need accurate control dostage.
1.  According to different  situations of raw water , can do test before use it. For  convenience of
calculation, underbrush solution configuration by weight ratio (W/W), general with 2 ~ 5% worthy to
good. As with 3% solution: say polyaluminium chloride solid 3 g, and put into the wash of 200 ml
cylinder, add water about 50 ml, to be dissolved after the water dilution to 100 ml scale.
2.Production by using polyaluminium chloride solid: water = 1:9 to 1:15 weight ratio (liquid product
 USES the 2-1 to 5) can be mixed solution. Alumina content less than 1% of the solution easy hydrolysis
can reduce the use effect, concentration is too high not easy dosing uniform.
3.Dosing obtained according to test the best dosing quantity dosing, and in the operation of the
attention to the observation of adjustment. If see tank alum spend less, more than large turbidity,
the dosing quantity too little; If see tank alum large and in turn, more high turbidity, the excessive
dosage should be adjusted.